Jonathan Lockwood - The Power of Voice Analytics

Project Profile

I auditioned for this “Voice Analytics” explainer video on Voice123. They had created a fun animation, and (after letting me know I won it) were interested in my matching sections of the script to the video edits. That’s something I don’t really like to do. In my experience this results in some portions of the voice over being too fast, others too slow, unnaturally long segments of silence and/or abrupt, choppy edits. I understand producers often create a working copy of the video that can be edited later when the VO is received, but I don’t think that was the case here.

The good news is that the producer, Justin Katz of Flock of Pixels in Phoenix, did a really great job of estimating well. I did have to take a few passes at it, but think it worked beautifully. In fact this is now one of my favorite explainer videos I’ve voiced. The combination of the expressive character Chip, well-placed sound effects and 1950s style family sitcom background music make it an overall great production. (I especially like the portion at :44 where Chip is initially worried—but then relieved at the “uncomfortable silence.”)

Client Flock of Pixels
Producer Flock of Pixels
Industry Technology
Style Friendly, Reassuring