Jonathan Lockwood - Desto - Say Hello to the Future

Project Profile

Another project I did for Desto, a blockchain technology company that, among plenty of other things, is focused on efficient payment pathways. And as a person who lives and does business internationally and who's been a personal investor in cryptocurrency since March 2013, I was delighted to dig into the series of videos they hired me to voice.

I was working with a few people, including Alex Chaban, a producer at UCY Films, a best-in-class Ukrainian video company. Unlike the Pale Blue Dot video we worked on, this time they were looking for a more no-nonsense approach.

While today many posit that cryptocurrencies are both risky and a bubble, this piece suggests the stock market itself represents a much more massive bubble. And when considering the outrageous fiscal irresponsibility the financial system engages in, the tremendous risk it itself poses. In my view, worthy points. My thanks again to UCY Films.

Client Desto
Producer UCY Films
Industry Blockchain
Style Confident, No-nonsense, Conversational