Jonathan Lockwood - Haynes Furniture and The Dump!

Project Profile

One of the best things that happens to a voice actor? Someone hears your work, and decides you’d be great for their project—and that project turns out to be regular work. Sometime in 2012 an agency in Detroit got a new client, but was familiar with my voiceovers for Gardner-White Furniture. They called me, and a valuable relationship ensued.

Haynes Furniture was established about 120 years ago. In 1930 new owners wanted to grow it to become Virginia’s largest furniture store, which they did. More recently they rolled out a national chain of furniture discounters called The Dump, which obtains closeouts, overstocks and liquidations from major manufacturers. They’re only open 3 days a week and have low overhead, which gives them room to discount still further.

I now work with BES Studios just outside of Richmond, Virginia. It appears they may work with 3 of us on their voiceovers, and it seems I’m presently used for their more dramatic, urgent sales. These TV ads range from big and enthusiastic to serious and dramatic, and I think they do an outstanding job on them. In one of the below featured VOs, I actually get to call prices so low, they're "STUPID!" Ha! My thanks to BES and Haynes for this work.

Client Haynes Furniture and The Dump
Producer BES Studios
Industry Retail Furniture
Style High Energy, Retail