Jonathan Lockwood - BDO Drive

Project Profile

I won this job by auditioning on Voice123. The client, BDO, is an international network of public accounting, tax and advisory firms in 154 countries, and is the fifth largest professional services network in the world. Nice! They were rolling out a new integrated solution for financial management, accounting services and business intelligence.

The agency producing this web video was SMA NYC of, that's right, New York City. My primary contact was Ellen Reilly, whom I found to be a remarkably effective director. She provided plenty of explicit notes, saying they wanted this to sound big and important, from one who comes across as an established professional. When recording, I found her directions specific and easy to comprehend.

My thanks to SMA NYC for choosing me, and of course to Voice123 for providing the platform that connected us.

Client BDO
Producer SMA NYC
Industry Accounting
Style Big, Important, Mature, Confident